November 2 2015



Rambling about Versteeg, Desharnais, Condon, Ullmark, a couple of hot AHL prospects and more…


Another reason to love Tampa Bay – if their key guys start blowing it, they have such amazing depth that they can just create other key guys. Triplets aren’t scoring? Well, how about Vladislav Namestnikov. Ben Bishop not inspiring? Well how about Andrei Vasilevskiy?

On Sunday it was the latter that inspired. Vasilevskiy was average between the pipes in his season debut, stopping 32 of 35 shots. But Steven Stamkos played a great game and the Triplets line woke up with three points each. This could be the catalyst to finally kick them into gear.

Tampa dressed Tye McGinn for his first game with his new club (he actually played his brother Brock, with Carolina). Both McGinns were pointless.

Jonathan Drouin has missed three games now with an LBI. He had six points in five games to start the season and I wonder if he tried playing through the injury after that, causing his slump…


Man, I had a feeling Kris Versteeg would do this. Same as the splash he made when he arrived in Florida, he’s doing it again in Carolina. Three points last night give him 10, which leads the team. He had 54 points in 71 games for Florida that first year but if you remember – prior to his injury he was nearly a point per game. It was only upon returning that he hit a wall for the last three or four weeks. I’d like to see a healthy year so he can put all the crap behind him. I wouldn’t bet on it, but I’d like to see it. For now, I’ll assume he’ll play what I had him in the Guide for – 67 games. I had him in there at 41 points but after this hot start I’m comfortable with bumping that up above 50. So if he played the full 82 games, which would pro-rate to 61 points.

Last year Versteeg played with Patrick Kane and had 27 points in 34 games before suffering an injury.