NHL Injury Report – Fleury, Couture, Letang, and others

Ajay Da Costa



NHL Injuries – updates on Letang, Johnson, Fleury, Smith, Bjugstad and others…

Ajay Da Costa (@AjayDaCosta)

Happy Hump Day, all! Let’s hope that these players starting getting over their humps (and bumps and… mumps? Please God no!) so that all our teams can get back to healthy competition!


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Kris Letang – Looks like I spoke too soon last week when I said Letang’s out day-to-day. He’s now out for at least two weeks with a different undisclosed injury. I’m sure everyone who’s not a first-time fantasy player knows the routine with Letang, but I’ll say it for the rookies: Letang might be the highest risk/reward player every season. Playing with Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and Phil Kessel should guarantee you a metric tonne of points, especially if you’re as talented and hardworking as Letang is. But for some reason or another, it never pans out.

Connor McDavid – Status quo on the wunderkind. He’s still out until at least mid-January. It doesn’t look like the Oilers need him as they just had a six-game winning streak snapped. They’re seriously rolling and I’m really curious to see what happens when McDavid returns.

Carey Price – Price still has four weeks left on his original recovery timetable, and he’s said that that’s the one we should be sticking to. He’s out with a lower-body injury.

Marc-Andre Fleury – Flower is out for at least 1-2 weeks with a suspected concussion. It’s sad that we won’t see him in net for a while, but at least Head Coach Mike Sullivan has promised to open the offense up a bit more. I’m curious how the Penguins defend with both Fleury and Letang out.