Top 100 Rotisserie Players – December 2015

Mike McMillan


The top 100 rotisserie rankings at mid-December. Who should pick it up and who will fall off?

2015 is coming to an end, and the Top 100 rotisserie league Fantasy Hockey Rankings are here to guide your team through the holidays and into the second half of the season.

Player values for the Top 100 Roto Rankings are generated by the guys at and are weighted over multiple years to determine a player's production consistency.  We use their per-game averages to account for player who have missed time in the past due to injury. This is then weighted against the Dobber Hockey player projections to boil down the evaluations into one single number and rank the top 100 players in fantasy hockey (forwards and defensemen only).

As we navigate through the NHL season the values will be adjusted to include current season production, weighted at a progressively increasing percentage. To add a predictive element, we take a look at which players are likely to regress back to career averages and which players are due for hot streak over the course of the season using shooting percentages.  Based on the differential between player’s shooting percentage at even strength this season compared to their career average 5v5 SH%, we find some players that should climb up to the top 100 in coming weeks and some that will fall off…


Top 5 Players Likely to Increase in Value


SH% Differential

Ryan Getzlaf


Ondrej Palat


Jakub Voracek


Jonathan Toews


Sidney Crosby



These players are shooting significant