Top 10 Soon-To-Be Fantasy Debates

Tom Collins


Which future hockey debates could one day top Sid vs. Alex?

The NHL fantasy landscape is chock full of great debates. Especially in the past decade.

Sidney Crosby vs Alex Ovechkin. Evgeni Malkin vs Steven Stamkos. Roberto Luongo vs Corey Schneider. Taylor Hall vs Tyler Seguin. And remember all the debates about Mike Green's fantasy value vs his constant injuries?

Now there's a whole new generation of debates coming. Crosby and Ovi are getting older and are no longer guaranteed to be number one picks. Malkin and Stamkos are injured too often. Luongo is getting old and Schneider is on a bad team. Seguin is on a team with tons of offense and Hall is now stuck in New Jersey. And nobody knows where Mike Green is anymore.

But those debates are passé. What can we expect to see for the next five to 10 years?

Here are the top 10 fantasy debates that will be upcoming. Feel free to debate them in the comments.

10. Erik Karlsson vs Kris Letang

Karlsson has had no real equal for the past few years. But that changed a little bit this past season. Letang had the highest fantasy points per game at 1.55 (Karlsson was second at 1.49) in the World Hockey League made up of Dobber forum members. Letang was the top defenseman (Karlsson was 15th) in Yahoo leagues. Of course, Karlsson is easily the top defenseman in points-only pools. Karlsson has been healthy his whole career except for a Matt Cooke skate blade to the achillies. Letang's health is always an issue. But if Letang can regularly play 70 games a season from here on out, the debate is sure to happen in leagues other than points only.

9. Joe Thornton vs Father Time

We saw a lot of this with Martin St. Louis near the twilight of his career. How long can a great player continue to be great or even fantasy relevant? Thornton is now 36 years old and just had a point-per-game season where he played in all 82 games. That's a pretty rare feat. Only six players in NHL history aged 35 or older have played 82 games and been at least a point-per-game: Joe Sakic (twice), Marty St. Louis, Wayne Gretzky (twice), Teemu Selanne, Ray Bourque and now Thornton. How long can he keep it up? And long will poolies keep trading him for prospects that are three years away from the NHL instead of taking the immediate production?

8. Dustin Byfuglien vs Brent Burns