Anders Lee Among Several Eastern Conference Players Trending Upward

Eric Daoust


Part two of our Trending Up series looks at eight players from Eastern teams building fantasy value.

Throughout the year every player experiences plenty of ups and downs. This can sometimes lead to fluctuations in player value. In deeper pools this can create opportunities to buy low and sell high while bolstering your roster over the long haul. Meanwhile, in shallower leagues streaks and slumps can determine whether or not a player is owned or on the waiver wire. Knowing which player to add and when will help you maximize the overall output of your final roster spots. After all, everyone is struggling in some fashion on the injury front which makes your management of the wire even more important.

After covering players in the first half of the Eastern Conference that are trending up last week, this week the focus shifts to the final eight teams from the New York Islanders to Washington.

Nicklas Backstrom (Washington)

Usually one of the top point-producers in the league, Backstrom is often overshadowed on his team by Alexander Ovechkin and does not have the name value of others at his level. While Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid have dominated the headlines, Backstrom now finds himself on par with the league’s two poster boys thanks to a recent hot streak of 13 points in seven games.

With that said, Backstrom is currently producing above where he should be as he has benefited from the Capitals going nutty in recent weeks. Both his personal shooting percentage and overall five-on-five shooting percentage are very high and due for a drop. While this does indicate Backstrom is unlikely to stick at the level of Crosby and McDavid, he is always scooped up later in fall drafts making him a great value pick. In fact, even with his recent run he would be much cheaper to acquire relative to the league’s bigger names.

Brett Connolly (Washington)

After what seems like a few decades Connolly is f