Ramblings: Pageau, Silfverberg, caution on Nolan Patrick, and more (May 01)



Ramblings: Pageau, Silfverberg, caution on Nolan Patrick, and more (May 01)


I agree with Ian, who wrote yesterday that J-G Pageau’s success will be short-term due to lack of PP time. However, his performance on Saturday has certainly changed my strategy with him. I own him in my one league and he was a borderline drop. I need to cut about three guys loose (depending on how many picks I have at the draft and who is available when it’s my turn to draft) and Pageau was going to be the last guy out. But four goals in one game can’t be scored by just anybody. He’s 24 years old and I have made it a policy not to drop or trade away players who are 25 or 26, so he’s closing in on that window. Does Coach Boucher now think of him differently? Will Pageau get the nod a little more when it’s time to throw out the second PP unit? If lines start to struggle (next season) does this mean Pageau starts to see better linemates? It’s got me wondering if Pageau will be a lesser Brad Marchand. Where Marchand gets 50 points, 50 points, 50, 50, 50, 50, 60, 85 (or thereabouts)…maybe Pageau gets 35, 35, 35, 35, 35, 35, 45, 70? One of those steady producers who is buried with no PP time, suddenly stepping up with better production later in his 20s thanks to improved PP time. So now the question becomes – if I sit on him for another year or two, will there be a payoff? I think it’s worth seeing if he gets tried at all with Mark Stone (who he’s clicked with before) next season . The four-goal game has, at this point, delayed my decision to drop him in my rather deep league.


I was going to discuss how amazed I was how each series in the second round was seemingly already over. But then Anaheim happened. That first goal by Rickard Rakell set a franchise record for fastest goal scored in a playoff games at 25 seconds. But then I was impressed at how the Oilers marched back from a 3-0 deficit and actually tied it up before things fell apart again.

Once again, Jakob Silfverberg came up huge in the postseason. In his last 30 playoff games, Silfverberg has 31 points! I can’t believe there are still some people out there who think Silfverberg will be left unprotected in the expansion draft. No way – the Ducks value this guy more than Sami Vatanen. In fact, not that it matters because he has an NMC, but they value Silfverberg more than Corey Perry. Discuss.

Silfverberg’s two-way play (almost Selke-consideration-worthy) is highly coveted, and Ducks brass see the upward trajectory of his blossoming offense just as clearly as you and I.

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