Capped: Doughty and Karlsson Headed Towards Big Pay Days

Alexander MacLean



This week's Capped digs into the comments made by Drew Doughty & Erik Karlsson, and what they mean for the NHL as a whole.


One nice thing about the NHL, is that they aren’t the NBA. Let me explain. In the NHL, players don’t collaborate to stack a team, challenging the integrity of the game. The structure of the NHL is a lot more random, where the depth players play a much greater role, and the stars can only control a game so much. None of the NHL players play the full game like in basketball (as much as Erik Karlsson and Drew Doughty may try). As a result of the randomness, parity and depth throughout the league, players have not been as in control of their salaries to the same extent as some athletes in other sports. However, that may be changing with the free-agent group of 2019, specifically, Doughty and Karlsson, whose contracts both expire July first of 2019.

If you missed the comments, then you can find Doughty’s here, and Karlsson’s here.

There are three main quotes here:

Doughty on his next contract: “I know I’m going to talk to Karlsson back and forth, kind of see what money he’s looking for”.

Karlsson on his next contract: “When I go to market, I’m going to get what I’m worth, and it’s going to be no less, no matter where I’m going”.

Finished off by Doughty giving some context: “Right now, I guess we’d be gauging off what P.K. makes. I think both [Karlsson and I] deserve quite a bit more than that.”

What does this all mean? Well let’s go through what it means for three main parties here.


Drew Doughty and Erik Karlsson

Current Cap Hit:  DD – $7,000,000   /   EK – $6,500,000

Drew Doughty and Erik Karlsson were due for raises, but there were some of us fantasy owners that were hoping they wouldn’t be breaking the bank, and might take a discount to play for the right team, like Kevin Shattenkirk did this past summer when signing with his hometown New York Rangers. The quote that sparks the biggest red flag, is the comment about gauging off of P.K. Subban’s contract. P.K. Subban is currently the highest paid defenceman in the NHL, almost halfway through his eight-year contract that sees him paid $9 m