It’s Back! The 2017-18 Midseason Fantasy Guide




The 10th annual DobberHockey Midseason Fantasy Guide is out now!


The Midseason Guide was put on temporary hiatus due to health reasons but now I am happy to say that things are a 'go'. On January 12th I released the 10th edition of the DobberHockey Midseason Fantasy Guide. In it, you can right all your wrongs! Have the two Cams (Atkinson and Talbot) let you down? Is it time cash in on Schenn and Bailey? Can picking up Stamkos' and Kucherov's scraps mean 70 points for Namestnikov? Who should you be targeting in trade talks? Who should you be moving in those trade talks? Let me help you get back on track. BUY NOW


What we cover in the Midseason Guide:

– Which players could be on the move by the deadline

– Which prospects could come up for 10 or 20 games in the final weeks to help you down the stretch (and you can sneaky-grab them now)

– Second-half projections, along with each player's second-half tendencies over the prior two years

– Which undrafted college players are NHL teams eyeing to sign this year.

– Which European free agents are looking to cross the pond

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– First half statistical player tendencies that could mislead you going forward (both negatively and positively)

– Advanced stats analysis to determine overachievers and underachievers


This is a great read, an enjoyable read, and of course – a helpful read. Order it here! It was made available for download on January 12th



*Note: To the handful of people who bought the Ultimate Fantasy Pack before I had to remove it from the store – you don't need to buy this again, it will be in your downloads as soon as it's ready.