Ramblings: Midseason observations, goalie strategies, Bertuzzi, Oleksiak and more … (Jan 15)




I’m back! And by that I mean I’m not just pinch-hitting today. After an eight-month hiatus I’m back doing semi-regular work again, with the plan being to do this every two weeks and then see if I can up it to weekly by March and then go from there. Thanks for your support throughout this process. As for me, I’m feeling about as well as can be expected four-and-a-half months after a stem cell transplant. Not perfect, but doing well. In fact, if they were to rank all the transplant recipients in my age group after four-and-a-half months, I would definitely be in the upper tier of that list.

Enough of that. Let’s get down to business!


Don't forget to set your lineups today – games start EARLY!

San Jose plays five games this week (Monday-Sunday). I already swapped out Derek Ryan for waiver-guy Chris Tierney in one league.


While I was working on the Midseason Guide (released it Friday for download – details here), I was astounded by the amount of players on pace for more than 90 or 100 points. As of Friday, the following players fit the bill:

NIKITA KUCHEROV                                                            114

NATHAN MACKINNON                                                    104

CLAUDE GIROUX                                                                103

JAKUB VORACEK                                                                100