Capped: Expiring Contracts from Recently Eliminated Teams

Alexander MacLean


I know round two is not over yet, but this is about the right time to put this article out, and Capped doesn’t deviate from Thursdays. Tonight, we have the highly anticipated Nashville vs. Winnipeg game seven, that we all saw coming as far away as the date when first round matchups were set. It has been said already, and it will be said again, but if you only watch one game these playoffs, this finale between the top two teams in the league is the one to hunker down for. One is going golfing, and the other gets a date with the shiny new toy in the NHL, the Vegas Golden Knights.

In the other matchups, we saw three good teams eliminated. Between Boston, Pittsburgh and San Jose, it was the Penguins getting upset that busted the most brackets. So where do these three teams look to find the reason they are home earlier than June?

They have no one to blame but themselves. As a result, of their higher profiled free agents, what do we expect salary and production wise from them moving forward?

Contract information from Cap Friendly.



Rick Nash –  Boston Bruins

Current Cap Hit: $7,800,000 (UFA, July 2018)

Nash (Rick – not to be confused with Riley) looked dangerous all series against the Leafs, but still only managed one goal and one assist through the seven-game series. He didn’t fare much better in the series against Tampa Bay (three points in five games, pointless in the last two).

Nash’s regular season numbers have also been declining for years, while his playoff numbers have been respectable (before this year) over the same period. Had he performed well this spring, he may have been able to swing for one more, big contract. Unfortunately for Nash, he goes into the offseason with a black cloud hanging over his head, with his postseason numbers crashing as well.


Verdict: Someone will overpay on name-value alone, however Nash still left money on the table with the lacklustre numbers in the playoffs this year.



Joe Thornton –  San Jose Sharks

Current Cap Hit: $8,000,000 (UFA, July 2018)

Now Joe Thornton may not be able to carry the blame for San Jose’s elimination, but that does not mean the glaring zero in the games played column does not come back to bite him. Jumbo Joe apparently tore the same MCL and ACL in his right knee that he injured about a year ago in his left knee. With that kind of track record, it would be a testament to his agent if he is able to get more than a one-year deal with any NHL team.

The thing is though, Thornton’s play this post season (good or bad), may not have affected his next contract that much. I have a theory for this summer, that Thornton signs a one-year deal at a miniscule amount, with the best team to offer him a shot at a Stanley Cup. Last summer, he signed a one-year deal with San Jose for a larger amount of money than expected. Both sides sque