Ramblings: Fantasy Prospect Report, Ilya Kovalchuk, & Vegas and the Mental Game

Cam Robinson



The big news of the day is the release of Dobber’s 12th Fantasy Prospect Report. This is the prospect bible when it comes to fantasy hockey. If you’re reading this, you should already have one in your cart and heading to the till.


Top 50 prospects outside of the NHL, 2018 Draft Rankings, reports, upsides and comparables for any and all relevant prospects from all 31 organizations. It’s gold, Jerry. Gold!


You can get it here.



Speaking of prospect stuff…






For some reason, the NHL schedule-makers are not friends of mine. They simply refuse to give me any hockey on my Rambling days. And so, here were are once again, left to listen to me rattle on about any number of topics.


Let’s start with the return of a former superstar.