Ramblings: Barry Trotz, Galchenyuk-Domi, Shea Weber, and More – June 19

Michael Clifford


The big news from Monday was that the current head coach for the current Stanley Cup champions would become the former head coach for the current Stanley Cup champions. In the afternoon, Washington announced that Barry Trotz would be resigning from the club.

According Isabelle Khurshudyan of the Washington Post, Trotz had a clause in his contract that were he to win the Stanley Cup, an automatic two-year extension would kick in, on top of an extra $300 000 to each season, bringing his pay to $1.8-million per year. For those unfamiliar with the going rate for top-end coaches, particularly Cup-winning ones, he might be able to get three times that amount on the open market. It should be noted that this was an automatic extension, meaning the Caps had to accept his resignation, else they could just make him sit home for two years. They are allowing him to break his contract which, if he can get close to what coaches like Mike Babcock and Joel Quenneville earn, will be a big boost to Trotz’s bank account.

The Caps weren’t willing to give him the money and the term he was reportedly asking for. But someone will *cough* Islanders *cough*.

Bob McKenzie points out that it’s likely Todd Reirden gets promoted and takes over the bench boss duties but that there will still be some sort of formal coaching search. Until the time comes when the official coaching duties are announced, there’s no point in speculating what a new coach will do to the roster or systems.

All the same, best wishes to Trotz on whatever he does next. He helped bring a Cup to a long-suffering fanbase and did so after spending a decade and a half making hockey a must-watch sporting event in Nashville. Kudos to the Caps for allowing him to go get what he’s worth and good luck to Trotz.


There has been a lot of coverage here on the site with regards to the trade between Montreal and Arizona over the weekend. You can read Cam Robinson’s analysis of the Alex GalchenyukMax Domi deal and Ian Gooding’s here as well.

One point where I agree with both Ian and Cam is that league setup matters when trying to figure out the value for these guys. Galchenyuk has fewer penalty minutes over his last 205 regular season games than Domi had in 2017-18 alone. That is a difference-maker in leagues that count PIMs.

Other than that, though, this isn’t necessarily an upgrade for Domi. He likely lines up on the second line next year which means he gets Jonathan Drouin as his pivot. Drouin did not show the ability to play a top-end centre position last season. Does he improve on that this year? It’s possible. Does Domi get be