Ramblings: Karlsson, Strome, Maroon, Ennis, a Sharks prospect and more (July 9)



Ramblings: Karlsson, Strome, Maroon, Ennis, a Sharks prospect and more (July 9)


I always stress to fantasy owners – never hold onto a prospect you hope will be as good as Player X, if you can actually use him to get Player X. This applies to the real-world case of Erik Karlsson. Dallas should give up Miro Heiskanen, simple as that. If Karlsson signs an extension, then voila – you have your defenseman who could be as good as Erik Karlsson signed for the next eight years. And his name is Erik Karlsson. And don’t tell me how he’ll lose a step in four years or has lost a step now – this guy is the Crosby of defenseman and he has not lost a step now, and won’t in four years. Nicklas Lidstrom had 70 points when he was 36 and so could Karlsson. He’s that good. Generational. Hold onto Heiskanen and miss out on Karlsson? Don’t be stupid.

Speaking of stupid, Ottawa GM Pierre Dorion can redeem himself here by either re-signing Karlsson (obviously not going to happen, but one can dream?) or getting a huge and satisfying return on him in a trade. And to do that, he needs to let this thing drag out for at least a month. There’s literally no rush here, play one team off the other. Rinse, repeat.


Scott Maran’s hard line on Ryan Strome yesterday (here) generated a ton of discussion. I’m still tempted to put him on my fantasy roster, acquiring him at a low price…but I haven’t put out feelers yet so clearly I’m not very confident in him. It’s that “what if he plays with McDavid” intrigue that I (and many of you) often fall victim. It’s a lottery ticket. I think we all know who the favorites are and we all have hunches as to who will likely get first dibs there. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Jesse Puljujarvi are my two guesses, wit