West – A Close Look at Bubble Keepers Nugent-Hopkins, Parayko, Thornton and Goligoski

Chris Kane



Welcome to Bubble Week. This week all of DobberHockey's weekly columns will feature Bubble Players. We are reviewing players who were not kept in shallower keeper leagues that you should be thinking about drafting, or players who you might be considering keeping in your deep keeper leagues. Now obviously the players you need to draft/keep will depend on the various configuration of your league settings, but staying in theme with our Wild West Summer Series we will be using the same categories of goals, assists, power play points, shots, hits and blocks. 


Also if you need to play some catch up on some of the great team reviews that have been happening so far this summer check out the past articles for the Wild West Series, and the Eastern Edge Series. Also make sure to grab your copy of the Fantasy Guide, for up to date projections and extensive analysis, out August 1st.


Now on to the players.


Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

Once we remove all the likely keepers from the pool, there are many fewer exciting players at the center position on the west coast. If we do some ranking for 2017-18 stats based on the categories above, the players closest to RNH in value are Carl Soderberg, Paul Stastny and Mikael Backlund. Now technically Backland had the highest value, and there is a lot to like about Stastny, but RNH is the most exciting of the lot.


RNH’s 2017-18 is a bit deceiving as he only played 62 games so his 48 points looks a little less interesting than Stastny’s 53. The point pace he maintained though, is the highest he has managed since his rookie year, and was by far the