Ramblings: Bubble Keeper Week; Saad, Nyquist, Zetterberg, and More – July 24

Michael Clifford



It’s Keeper Bubble Week here at Dobber Hockey.

Last week I posited the question of which guy to keep as a final keeper in my home league: Viktor Arvidsson or Kevin Fiala. I wanted to address some of the comments from the community below.

Most people said Arvidsson. For the 2018-19 season, Arvidsson does hold more value. He’s likely not to be moved off the top line or the top PP unit and that slotting with his proven goal-scoring ability makes him the better overall value this year.

Like I mentioned in those Ramblings, I’m not convinced that Fiala isn’t the better player right now. If we work under the assumption that Fiala is as good as I think he is, how long does it take before he forces the hand of the coach to play him 17-plus minutes a night?

I wanted to see which players had comparable seasons to Fiala’s 2017-18. I went to Hockey Reference and these are the players since the 2005 lockout to post 20+ goals, 25+ assists in their age-21 season, while playing three-quarters of the year with fewer than 1250 total minutes. The list is short and mostly distinguished:


The best comparable season for Fiala’s season is probably Jamie Benn’s 2010-11, though that season saw Benn play just 69 games.

I do think Fiala is the better option in the long-term but Arvidsson is likely the better option for at least another year. Striking that balance is the key to remaining competitive in keeper leagues year after year.

One commenter also suggested Dadonov. His production is good but the peripherals are not. He’s a much better option in points-only leagues than multi-cat leagues. Also, the addition of Mike Hoffman could push Dadonov off the top PP unit.

Anthony Mantha’s name was mentioned a couple times and I’ll say this: I like Mantha a lot as a player but I have little faith in Jeff Blashill as a coach and even less that the Wings will be a competent offensive team for the next couple years. Good player in a bad situation.


If you have questions about keepers or dynasty option, hit up the