Capped: Analyzing Bubble Keepers in Cap Leagues

Alexander MacLean




It’s Bubble Keeper Week here at Dobber Hockey! Hopefully you have been enjoying all of our bubbly personalities thus far.

For those of you stumbling here without knowing what bubble keeper week is all about, well we are ignoring approximately the top 150 skaters (based on the Dobber Hockey keeper rankings) and focusing on the best of the rest. The idea is to help fantasy owners evaluate talent right on the keeper bubble, making decisions easier come draft time, and possibly finding diamonds in the rough.

Today we’re going to dig in to a few bubble players in salary cap leagues, finding value outside of the big names and big contracts.



Kyle Palmieri – New Jersey Devils

Cap Hit: $4,650,000 – Expires in 2021

Discussing who we were all covering this week with the other Dobber Hockey writers, and there were at least three of us that wanted Palmieri. That’s a very good sign folks. Cameron Metz covered him here yesterday, but I’m jumping in as well because he is worth highlighting in salary cap leagues especially.

Palmieri had his best season last year on a line with new Devils teammate Taylor Hall. Palmeri rode shotgun to his best point-per game totals of his career, his best shot rate, and his highest power play point total. On top of the scoring stats Palmeri rounded out his production with three hits per game, 50 blocks, and 11 powerplay goals. Palmieri’s bump in power play production came in part from a bump in PPTOI as he crossed three minutes per game in the last quarter of the season. With no new personnel in New Jersey to take the time away from him, he may be in line for a similar number next season. Also as Cameron mentioned in his Tuesday article, add in some growth to Palmieri’s full-time centre, former first-overall pick Nico Hischer, and all the ingredients are there for a first 60+ point season by the Devil’s top right winger.

Palmieri is set to make less than six percent of the total salary cap over the next three seasons. The closest three comparable winger contracts belong to Gustav Nyquist</