Ramblings: Dylan Strome, Will Butcher, Bryan Little & Kailer Yamamoto

Cam Robinson




“I wish I liked anything as much as my kids like bubbles.” – Paul Rudd (Knocked Up)



Due to some scheduling changes, I was unable to sneak an article into the inaugural Bubble Keeper Week. It’s a good thing we Ramblers have so much autonomy because I hereby declare that Bubble Week is now extended by one more day!


During this stretch, it is our hope that we’ve provided some interesting commentary and helped a few people gain some clarity on roster situations. Choosing the final few spots on your squad is so important in carrying over success from one season to the next. One wrong move can cost you greatly. 


This Ramble will be dedicated to a few quick hits on some players that have yet to be mentioned. I’ll look at their pedigree, their recent history and where they project to begin the season and beyond. 




First some exciting news. The 13th Annual Dobber Fantasy Hockey Guide will be released August 1. I'm not sure I can keep coming up with superlatives about this product. Just buy it and be immediately pleased with your decision. Get it here.



The Keeping Karlsson boys, Elan and Brian are on a quest to create the first ever audio fantasy guide. They've been pumping out quality podcasts for years now (I'm a long time listener and proud guest from time to time). This is a terrific idea and one that deserves to be made. If you're interested, click on the link below and sign up for their Kickstarter. I put my money down weeks ago.