Top 10 WHL Picks

Tom Collins



I always get excited for the release of the Dobber guide (this year’s version will be released on Wednesday, August 1). To me, this is the official start of the next hockey season.

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However, one of my hockey leagues likes to get a bit of a head start. The World Hockey League (WHL) is made up of 24 GMs from the Dobber forums and we had our five-round prospect draft in July.

As many dynasty leagues will be having their drafts in the next month or so, I figured this would be a good opportunity to get an idea of how the top 10 could shakedown in your league.

Ours is a head-to-head league, but points are assigned in each category. The team with the most points at the end of the week takes the matchup. Goals and assists are one point; a power play point is 0.5 points; plus/minus is 0.25 points; blocked shots, hits, penalty minutes and shots are 0.05 points; and faceoffs won are worth 0.01 (but only centres slotted in the centre position are eligible for these points). Lineup changes are made daily and we start three each of centre, left wing, right wing and forward, plus six defensemen.

I won’t go into the goalie positions since none were chosen during the top 10. (You can see more information on the league, and some of the reasoning behind later picks, forum here).  

Myself and metaldude (aka Steve Laidlaw, the Managing Editor of DobberHockey) were the only two general managers to have more than one pick in the top 10.

Instead of ranking the picks, I’ve posted them in order for clarity. I’ve asked each general manager to quickly give their reasoning behind drafting the player so you can see a glimpse into their minds. 


1. Andrei Svechnikov (Dryden Eagles, metaldude26)

This was the first of four top-10 picks for Laidlaw. It should be no surprise that he took Svechnikov with the first overall pick. He’s talked about it in ramblings during the season before we even knew the draft order. He argues that it is easier for wingers, rather than defensemen, to make an impact early on in their careers. Besides the above link, here’s another rambling where Laidlaw lays it out. Laidlaw is not alone. Svechnikov is getting plenty of love as the first overall pick in many fantasy drafts so be prepared if you have the second overall pick and you think it is a slam dunk you are drafting the newest Hurricane. 


2. Rasmus Dahlin (Saanichton Cougars,