Capped: Team by Team Buy and Sell – Part 5

Alexander MacLean



Continuing our buy & sell series, we cover each NHL team, analyzing one player to buy, and one to sell (links to parts one, two, three, and four). These recommendations will be based on their performance versus cap hit. That means in non-cap leagues, some of these suggestions may not be as relevant, but that doesn’t mean the analysis isn’t relevant. Generally, these players will either be riding new contracts into the season, or be expected to have a large shift in value, for one reason or another. This week we feature Detroit through to Chicago.



First, on a personal note, I wanted to say a thank you to my dad. I got to spend his 59th birthday with him this weekend. We talked a little about hockey, cut down most of a tree in our backyard, and drank a little scotch. Happy and lucky to be able to still share these things with him. Sitting down to write this article today, I know I wouldn’t be where I am without him, in the hockey world or otherwise. With hockey season starting up, don’t forget all the dads (and moms!) behind the scenes that make everything possible. Cheers to all of you!



Detroit Red Wings

Buy: Gustav Nyquist

Cap Hit: $4,750,000 with one year remaining

Nyquist teased fantasy owners with his best season of 47 points in 57 games all that way back in 2013-2014. It feels like forever ago now, and that’s why this is the time to buy at his lowest. The youth are taking over in Detroit, and with the return of Henrik Zetterberg growing ever more unlikely the closer to the season we get, it seems as though a few players are going to have to pick up the slack. Nyquist’s two most common line mates last season were Zetterberg and Anthony Mantha. Mantha is still around, and the two could create a solid top line flanking young