Capped: Team-by-Team Buy and Sell – Part 5

Alexander MacLean



Continuing our buy & sell series, we cover each NHL team, analyzing one player to buy, and one to sell (links to parts one, two, three, four, and five). These recommendations will be based on their performance versus cap hit. That means in non-cap leagues, some of these suggestions may not be as relevant, but that doesn’t mean the analysis isn’t relevant. Generally, these players will either be riding new contracts into the season, or be expected to have a large shift in value, for one reason or another. This week we feature Carolina through to Arizona.



Let’s start this off by saying that sometimes good things do come in threes. The news from Sunday night/Monday morning was good news for three different parties. Montreal received a solid package for a UFA winger who was not happy with the current situation, and who was leaving anyways. Vegas got a rebound 30+ goal scorer to stick on their second line. Meanwhile Pacioretty signed a four-year contract at market value, and sets himself up for one more good contract before he rides off into the sunset. If only fantasy hockey moves left everyone feeling happy like this.

Alas, the best we can hope to do is help our readers get that warm fuzzy feeling from acquiring a key player to start the season. Here’s the next set of buy/sell players for your shopping pleasure.

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Carolina Hurricanes

Buy: Valentin Zykov

Cap Hit: $675,000 with two years remaining

Immediately when Zykov signed this contract, my eyes lit up. This has nothing to do with the term or the salary; it has everything to do with the other contract details. His contract is a one-way deal, indicating that the Hurricanes brass see him playing the full year with the big club. While everyone else is jumping on the other youngsters Martin Necas, Andrei Svechnik