Ramblings: Reinhart Signs, Line Combinations, Defence Rankings – September 20

Michael Clifford



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Sam Reinhart signed a bridge deal with Buffalo for two years with an AAV of $3.65-million. He was one of the handful of remaining RFAs left.

Reinhart has been quietly productive on a very bad Buffalo team in his young career. Riding shotgun with Jack Eichel both at five-on-five and on the power play, as both start to enter their primes, should be a huge boon for the team. Right now, I have him as a starting RW in 12-team leagues that start three right wingers, coming in as RW33. If the Sabres can start producing more at even strength, he has 60-point upside. Just be wary of over-drafting him; I would not take him in the first 10 rounds of a 12-team league and he might climb there in some leagues now that he’s signed.


Wednesday afternoon I started a best ball draft over at Fantrax.com. It’s officially a Beat Dobber league where the goal is to beat the man himself.

For those unfamiliar with best ball (I guess best puck) drafts, they’re essentially no-moves leagues. You draft your team and that’s it. There are no trades or waiver wire moves. Whomever accumulates the most points through the season wins. 

These types of leagues gained prevalence in fantasy football so it’s nice to see FanTrax step up and provide something similar for hockey fans. For those that don’t have the time (or inclination) to set your lineup, assess your team, stay current on information, or negotiate trades on a daily basis, this is the league for you.


Calgary and Boston played their second and