Top 300 Keeper League Skaters – December 2018




Here are the Top 300 skaters to own in your point-only keeper leagues – December edition!


Lots of movement this month as the players start getting settled into their roles and their scoring habits fall into something more consistent. Generally speaking, in points-only leagues I look at how the player can help me in the current year, and I balance that off by looking at the next two to three seasons. Beyond that, anything can happen. And in full keeper leagues I find that roster turnover is a good 70% or 80% in three years so looking four years ahead to me is usually a fool's game. Besides susceptibility to injury and upside, I also look at 3YP (a player's future three-year peak production average) and where the team is going offensively.

As always, players within +/- 5.0 should be considered equal in value and at that point become a matter of personal preference and/or team needs (immediate help versus future help, risk comfort zone, etc.).

Click on any player name to be taken to his player profile, which I custom built to give me all the info I need when evaluating a player for the purpose of trading or other roster decisions. If these profiles could use something else that you need, please let us know and we'll add it.

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Dec Player Team DEF? Rating Nov Oct Change
1 Connor McDavid EDM