Capped: Holiday Shopping for the East – January 3

Alexander MacLean



Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best for the new year, and that the things you want to change, change for the better.

On this end of things though, not much is changing. You can still get all of your fantasy need-to-know right here. Dobber’s mid-season guide is almost here! Arrives January 11th.


Closing in on the mid-way point of the season, here are some holiday shopping needs or new year’s resolutions for every NHL team.  


If I can share a hope for all of you over the next week, it is that you continue to watch and enjoy the World Juniors even though some of the favourites in Canada and Sweden have been eliminated. There are still four excellent teams left.


Boston Bruins

Really the Bruins just need to be healthy. In more words though, they could use another depth forward, especially one with a scoring touch. Guess who played with the Bruins last season, is still a free-agent, and has three 40-goal seasons to his credit? Rick Nash. Should he come back from his time off dealing with his last concussion, he would fit at the top of the Bruins’ wish list.


Buffalo Sabres

Buffalo has turned a corner this year, but they need to learn from some breakouts in recent years by New Jersey, Colorado, and Edmonton. They need to keep their foot on the gas, and they do that best by re-signing Jeff Skinner. The former Carolina Hurricane has never been in a better situation, and the only way his value stays this high is if he re-signs in Buffalo. The Sabres are deploying him in more offensive situations, and he has grown into some real chemistry with Jack Eichel


Carolina Hurricanes

Carolina has the lowest cap hit in the league this season, and my bold move prediction from two months ago was that the Hurricanes would acquire both Sergei Bobrovsky and Artemi Panarin in a big deadline swing. Carolina needs consistency and goal scorers for Christmas. However, they may have to weaponize that cap space in other ways, as their playoff hopes are slipping aw