Ramblings: All-Star Game, Players Who Could Be Strong Post-All Star Break (Jan 27)

Ian Gooding


The All-Star Game “mini tournament” was played on Saturday, with the Metropolitan Division knocking off the Central Division 10-5 in the final. Sidney Crosby, who missed Friday’s Skills Competition with an illness, seemed to benefit from the rest, as he was named All-Star Game MVP. Crosby collected a total of eight points in the two mini-games.

To get to the final, the Metropolitan knocked off the Atlantic 7-4, while the Central took down the Pacific by a score of 10-4. The Central/Pacific match, which was the only one I watched, was hardly a captivating game and not even one my 9-year-old (who normally gets excited about All-Star Games) could get interested in. The Centrals took a 10-1 lead before the Pacifics made the game somewhat closer.

In spite of my lack of interest in this All-Star Game, I don’t want to disparage All-Star Games in general. To me, the game is targeted more toward kids than someone of my demographic. The NHL keeps trying to change the game’s format to generate interest, but because nothing has really caught on we’re back to some form of traditional divisional/conference format. For fans that have absolutely no interest in this game, it’s a great weekend to catch up on something else. A movie, a weekend trip, reconnecting with an old friend who has no interest in hockey, catching up on housework, or whatever. As my wife keeps reminding me, there’s more to life than hockey.

Here’s the NHL’s puck tracking technology in action, as shown on NBC. Do you think this will improve your viewing experience and knowledge of the game, or do you think of it more as a distraction that takes pixels away from your high-def experience? So far I don’t mind it. It seems as though there’s a return of the old Fox “glow puck”, although in a more subtle format.

Before the game, US Women’s National Team player Brianna Decker received $25,000 for posting the best time in the Premiere Passer competition, even though she was simply demonstrating the challenge before the NHL players. What a weekend for the women.

Skills competition highlights/recap and my fantasy hockey lessons on Peter Chiarelli’s time in Edmonton can be found in yesterday’s