Rambling on about goaltending in New York, Chicago, Colorado, plus other notes (May 27)




Rambling quite a bit about goaltending in New York, Chicago, Colorado, plus other notes (May 27)


We’re here. The Stanley Cup Final begins tonight. The beginning of the end of the 2018-19 NHL season. I can’t believe we’re here already, I feel like I just had my draft. The regular season is done, the playoffs are 10 or 15 days away from being over, I’m almost finished putting together the Fantasy Prospects Report…what happened? Time stops for nobody.

I won zero trophies this year, so that sucks. Actually, I have an outside shot at the playoff trophy in my 29-year keeper league provided one of the teams sweep and Brad Marchand does well. I have a 12-point lead in that one, but Marchand is the only player I have left so it doesn’t look good when the other owner has six guys. So all in all, I’ll get a bit of prize money, enough to cover the entry fees plus beer money to enjoy during this year’s drafts. And that’s it. Not a great year.

But it was a screwy year, right? For goaltenders especially. If you were on the winning end of this year’s goaltending fiasco, I call it luck and not skill. Yes, owning Andrei Vasilevskiy in leagues requires skill (via drafting and holding over the years, or trading, etc.), but the sheer gap between him and the next guy in many formats – that’s luck. As I said to a friend in one of my leagues: owning Vasilevskiy this season is like owning Gretzky in 1984.

Vasilevskiy’s wins versus losses, combined with a 0.925 SV% pushes him miles ahead of second place. In my one league I made the Gretzky statement about:

1. Vasilevskiy 167.5

2. Frederik Andersen 136.6

3. Sergei Bobrovsky 135.8

4. M-A Fleury 132.3

5. Carey Price 126.6

6. Ben Bishop 123.1

Look at that gap! And in my other league (19-year keeper):

1. Vasilevskiy 93.25 points

2. Fleury 76.15

3. Andersen 75.8

4. Bobrovsky 73.4

5. Price 72.3

6. Ben Bishop 69.05


The gap between Vas and the next wave of great goaltenders is vast (or “Vas-t” ha) in two different league points formats.

But I got off on a tangent there. Circling back to the weird goalie year we just endured:

We had Matt Murray with a fantasy-damaging first half and a strong second half. We had