Eastern Edge: Identifying good players on bad teams

Brennan Des



In this week’s Eastern Edge, we’ll take a look at good fantasy players on teams that have struggled to start the season. As I write this, the bottom-five teams in the Eastern Conference are the Columbus Blue Jackets, New York Rangers, New Jersey Devils, Ottawa Senators and Detroit Red Wings. When it comes to fantasy hockey, there seems to be a stigma surrounding skaters that play for bad teams. Unless plus/minus is counted in your league (it shouldn’t be), the quality of a team shouldn’t really influence how you build your fantasy hockey roster. Sure, there’s the argument that a bad roster lacks finishing ability which can lead to limited assist totals for talented players. However, most teams have at least two or three talented players that are capable of working together to put up points. Even if a team has a powerless power play because it doesn’t have many good players, talented individuals on that team tend to see the lion’s share of ice time and manage to produce based on the volume of opportunity rather than the quality of the PP unit. Essentially, quite a few players around the league are being undervalued in fantasy formats because their teams haven’t been very good. For the purposes of this article, I won’t be discussing big name talents like Taylor Hall, Mika Zibanejad and Artemi Panarin, as most managers are familiar with the talent level of those guys.


Thomas Chabot

Using our handy dandy Report Generator, we’re able to see that Chabot leads the league in ice time as he averages 26:20 a night. He also leads defensemen in power-play time as he plays with the man advantage for nearly four and a half minutes each game. Chabot is undervalued in fantasy leagues because most people accept that none of Ottawa’s forwards are capable of producing offensively. Well, Connor Brown has 12 points in 13 games and