Saturday’s NHL Picks: November 16, 2019

Flip Livingstone


At this point, it’s hard to put into words how wack the first five weeks of picks have been for me this season. My Gold Picks have been anything but and my overall record is currently resembling something out of a betting degenerate’s nightmare. However, as most experienced bettors know, this is chess not checkers (Denzel Washington voice). And if you come out and bet each and every week till the end of the season, there is still plenty of opportunity to get this loot train rolling. Don’t forget, I finished last year with a 56 percent winning percentage, so things will get better.

Today’s board features 15 matchups that include four afternoon tilts, and despite the shaky first month or two, I am still confident I can get my record, and hopefully your pocketbook, back to a respectable spot.

While you are probably thinking I should just crush about 15 pilsners and throw some darts at a board to choose my picks, I’m going to stay the course, crunch some numbers and get back on track. Keep the chirps coming and let’s make some coin. Good luck.

2019-2020 Record

Gold: 0-5   

Silver: 3-2

Bronze: 2-3

Side bets: 7-9

Overall total record: 12-19


Washington Capitals @ Boston Bruins – Pick: Capitals

Now, before you start mashing keys in the comments section, I know, betting on a road dog for my Gold Pick after five straight weeks of losing probably isn’t the safest way to a winning record. But, after reading into this one a little bit and looking at the matchup for both clubs, I really like this spot for Washington (so start betting on Boston – right!?).

Both of these Eastern Conference juggernauts played Friday night, with the Bruins beating their Atlantic Division 'rivals' in the Toronto Maple Leafs, while the Caps got dusted by the up-and-coming Montreal Canadiens. With that in mind, Washington will have No. 1 stud Braden Holtby manning the blue paint tonight against Bruins backup Jaroslav Halak. (For more starting