Top 10 Fantasy Hockey Goalies of the Decade

Ian Gooding


We at Dobber Hockey continue our Top 10 series to finish off the decade with a list of the top 10 fantasy hockey goalies of the past ten years.

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Since lists like these are subject to endless debate, it’s important to explain the criteria used to rank these goalies. First, this is a list of fantasy goalies, so rankings are based on contributions to commonly-used fantasy categories that fall into two categories:

  1. Volume-based: Wins and saves
  2. Ratio-based: Goals-against average and save percentage

It’s possible to dive further into analytics and pull out the actual ability of the goalie based on the team in front of him, but this list focuses on overall contributions to fantasy teams. So as much as wins might not be a true reflection of a goalie’s ability, wins are still a fantasy category in many leagues, which is why they are included here.

On the other hand, these numbers include only regular season and do not include playoffs. How a goalie performed in the playoffs and whether he won a Stanley Cup might be a factor in Hockey Hall of Fame induction, but it won’t matter on this list. So Corey Crawford and Matt Murray may have won multiple Stanley Cups, but neither could crack the top 10 here. (Crawford finished 11th in my rankings.)

A goalie didn’t have to play in all ten years of the decade to qualify for the list, but it helps the goalie’s ranking here, especially for the volume-based categories. In addition, goalies with better ratios are more likely to stick around and earn more wins and saves.  

I won’t list actual totals for goalies that are still active, since as this is written the decade has not quite ended yet. The numbers are pulled from January 1, 2010, until mid-December 2019.

Would you rank these goalies differently? Let us know below!


10. Ben Bishop

Bishop wasn’t really on the radar at the start of the decade and would rank much higher if the numbers only went back five years. In particular, Bishop posted both the top goals-against average and the top save percentage among the 32 goalies that posted at least 140 wins over the decade (these are the qualified goalies that will be mentioned throughout the article). Because of the lack