Top 10 Underrated Players of the Decade in Fantasy Hockey

Tom Collins



One of my favourite top-10 columns every year is looking at players who are undervalued and underrated.

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These players are special, and it’s good to make note of them as they can produce at a high level and you can usually snag them later on in drafts. So, when Dobber offered the chance to write a top-10 column about underrated players of the decade, I immediately jumped on the opportunity. What better way to pay tribute to players who sometimes don’t get the love they deserve?

Without further ado, here are the most underrated players of the past 10 years.


10. David Krejci

Krejci is horribly undervalued in points-only pools, but fairly valued in banger leagues as he doesn’t contribute much in peripheral stats. I’m not sure if Krejci could have been a number one centre on another squad, but there’s no doubt that he would have been more fairly rated if he had been. In the last 10 years, he’s hit 35 assists and 60-plus points five times. He’s had a 55-point pace in all but one season. He’s done this without a lot of power-play time, although he still normally reaches double digits in man-advantage points.


9. Jonathan Toews

This may seem a little strange considering so many people think he’s overrated. However, I believe this is a case where everyone thinks someone is so overrated that they stay away from said player and he becomes underrated. As I mentioned in my top 10 list of overrated players on Monday, of all centers in the last decade, Toews is 10th in points, fifth in even-strength goals, fourth in even-strength points, second in plus/minus and one of the top two faceoff guys in the league. And people think he’s overrated! It baffles my mind.


8. Jonathan Huberdeau