Ramblings: All-Star Game Highlights; Varlamov, Sandin, Donskoi, Reimer (Jan 26)

Ian Gooding


The Pacific Division won the All-Star Game for the third time in five seasons, defeating the Atlantic Division 5-4 in the final. To reach the final, the Pacific Division defeated the Central Division 10-5 while the Atlantic Division defeated the Metropolitan Division 9-5.

Atlantic Division captain David Pastrnak was named the All-Star Game MVP with four goals in the tournament. However, Tomas Hertl might have been a better choice, as he had scored five goals over the tournament for the winning team, including four goals in the first game. Leon Draisaitl was also in the running for All-Star Game MVP, as he scored four goals in the tournament for the Pacific Division.

Due to previous family commitments, I couldn’t watch much of the All-Star Game. So the Green Day performance that I managed to catch live seemed to me to be the one All-Star Game moment that generated the most buzz. I was surprised that the f-bombs got through on Sportsnet, particularly since I believe they (and the CBC before them) had Don Cherry on a six-second delay in case something slipped. Green Day’s choice of words is common practice at a rock concert, but I don’t imagine it will go over well with Mr. Bettman and the other suits in New York City.

How about some highlights that the NHL wanted you to see? If you are like me and didn’t catch it or simply just want the highlights, you can watch below.

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