Ramblings: Goals and Penalty Minutes in Alberta; Barkov, Kreider Injured; Byfuglien Doubtful (Feb 2)

Ian Gooding


Goalie fight! Goalie fight! Goalie fight! In the battle of Alberta! It’s ex-Flames goalie Mike Smith versus ex-Oilers goalie Cam Talbot! The way they’ve switched sides, you’d think this was WWE or something. Here’s the entire sequence, which included a Matthew Tkachuk/Ethan Bear tilt.


Both goalies were ejected from the game after this fight, which occurred late in the second period. Talbot racked up 21 penalty minutes, while Smith earned 17. Shoutout if your league awards points for goalie PIMs. A possible ejection might explain why we see so few goalie fights, not to mention the risk of injury and importance of the goalie position to teams. But damn, they are entertaining.  

These two teams next play again on April 4, the last day of the regular season. As much as the Battle of Alberta might once again be the most heated rivalry in the league (it’s been a long time coming), this game could also very well have playoff implications. Game of the year potential here. Yet even if that game turns out to be meaningless, we’ve gotten our money’s worth with the Battle of Alberta after 25 years of mostly vanilla matchups. It’s hard to believe these two teams haven’t met in the playoffs since 1991, but these two rivals haven’t really both been good at the same time since then. Maybe it finally happens this season. Wouldn't that be something. 

In an 8-3 game, there were obviously fireworks on the scoresheet as well (hope you bet the over like Flip told you to). Connor McDavid scored a pair of goals, while Art Ross leader