Capped: Looking at Seattle expansion: West

Alexander MacLean


First off, I hope everyone is staying safe and staying indoors as much as possible!

Last week here, we combed over the Eastern conference teams for some possible picks in the Seattle expansion. This week, we're doing the same thing for the West (minus Vegas).

A few notes before I begin:

-I am making some assumptions for the selections, knowing there will be player movement in the 15 months remaining until the selection draft. If you have questions, I would be happy to answer – you can find me on Twitter @alexdmaclean.

-I am using the Capfriendly expansion tool to keep my thoughts organized.

-I will try to keep my biases out of this, and will be aiming to uncover what selections may have repercussions that could affect the fantasy landscape.



Anaheim Ducks

Possible Seattle selection: Danton Heinen (LW)


Anaheim's trade with Boston that brought in Heinen makes him the eighth most valuable forward in need of being protected – as I think the Ducks are high on Isaac Lundestrom. On defence, the Ducks have Jacob Larsson available as well, but Heinen brings a talent set harder to acquire in the expansion draft, and Larsson will likely get a sizeable extension this summer.



Arizona Coyotes

Possible Seattle selection: Antti Raanta (G)


The exposed skaters from Arizona will likely be overpaid veterans on the wrong side of 30, such as Derek Stepan, and Niklas Hjalmarsson. Assuming Raanta is still with the team by then, he seems to be the same choice for Seattle, and would provide an excellent 1B option in net. He is expendable in the desert as Kuemper has proven himself to be a number one.



Calgary Flames

Possible Seattle selection: Juuso Valimaki (D)


There are a lot of expansion draft questions to be answered by the Flames. Will Milan Lucic waive his NMC (if asked)? Will Calgary find a way to protect their deep defence core? Will