Eastern Edge: Which team has the most fantasy value?

Brennan Des


In this week's Eastern Edge, we answer the question that scientists have been trying to answer since the dawn of time: Which NHL team has the most fantasy hockey value on its roster? You'll find each Eastern Conference team, ranked from greatest to least fantasy hockey value.

In order to tackle this enigma, I've listed each team's 'fantasy-relevant' players this season. For the most part, this includes players currently owned in at least 20-percent of Yahoo Fantasy Hockey Leagues. I gave each of these fantasy-relevant players a letter grade based on their performance this year. These letter grades were assigned primarily based on point-per-game production for skaters and save percentage for goalies. Obviously, offensive output isn't the only thing that matters in fantasy hockey, so I did boost a few player grades to account for peripheral categories like shots, blocks or hits. Goalie grades may have been adjusted with consideration for wins or goals against average (GAA). With respect to the overall rankings, each team got four points for every player with an 'A 'grade, three points for every 'B' player, two for every 'C' player and one for every 'D' player. A more detailed description of the grading systems is available at the end of the article.

The whole grading system is honestly pretty arbitrary, so don't read too much into the particular ranges I chose. I plan on doing more detailed report cards for each team over the next few weeks, so think of this as a fun little exercise – with more in-depth analysis to come in the future.


  1. New York Rangers – Fantasy Value Score: 32 Points (12 players – 3A/4B/3C/2D)
Player Grade
Artemi Panarin A
Mika Zibanejad A
Tony DeAngelo A
Ryan Strome B
Adam Fox B
Chris Kreider B
Igor Shesterkin B
Alexander Georgiev C
Jacob Trouba C
Pavel Buchnevich C
Kaapo Kakko D
Henrik Lundqvist</