Ramblings: Re-Drafting 2003, The Jets PP, Byfield vs Stützle & Time to Steal Kyle Connor (April 22nd)

Cam Robinson


Some unsurprising news out of the WHL on Tuesday saw presumptive first-overall pick, and the first-ever Western League exceptional status player, Connor Bedard signed with the Regina Pats.

The WHL Draft officially kicks off on Wednesday, but the Pats aren’t wasting any time locking up the future superstar. I’ve spoken about Bedard in a previous Ramblings as well as a look at him when he was first granted the status. But I’ll reiterate now. This kid has all the makings of a franchise player.

Shame we have to wait three years to draft him in our fantasy leagues. Time to start loading up on 2023 first-rounders!



I think now is the time to pry  Kyle Connor away from his owner. We're about to head into that magical fourth season and his progression has been as steady and impressive as can be. Yet for some reason, I feel like his perceived value remains lower than his actual impact. 

The perfect recipe for a potential buy-low. 

His shot rate is up amongst the league-leaders, sitting 10th overall at the time of shutdown. But here's where it gets really interesting. Of those top 10 shooters, only Brady Tkachuk has more shots from the high-danger area.

Connor's 91 shots from within 15 feet of the net are second in the league and speak to his ability to get into the home plate area with possession as he's not a prototypical 'netfront' guy. He's just a player who knows how to nose his way into opportunities.

With the minutes – both at even-strength and on the PP already secured, the mid-high teens’ conversion rate established, and the juicy QoT, there's little reason to believe he won't up his goals, points, and shot rates once again next season.

I'm calling for a career-best season in 2020-21.



Sticking with the Jets for a moment, don't forget about a couple of their young Finns in Kristian Vesailanen and