Ramblings: Saros’ Time, Barkov’s Redemption, & Multicat Prospects (May 13)

Cam Robinson


Pardon the brevity of this Ramble. The internet has been down for most of the day so I've been linking LTE off of my phone (likely at the cost of my children's university savings). However, even though we continue in the holding pattern of no real hockey news, it doesn't mean we can't get into some nitty-gritty fantasy talk.


I had a Twitter follower reach out and request some intel on potential multicategory performers from the upcoming 2020 class. His criticism was that nearly every ranking and outlet focuses almost exclusively on points-only setups and ignores the wider cats. This isn't by mistake either. It's because when we're looking at draft-eligible players from a fantasy landscape, the focus is primarily locked on their ability to translate offense. Because if they can't, then it doesn't really matter how many hits they throw, it's unlikely they'll play a large enough role to be a fantasy asset.

So, some years it's easy to throw a name or two out there and say, "This guy is going to fill up your scorecard" ala Tom Wilson or Brady Tkachuk. Yet, for the most part, the top 40 or so players selected are high-end offensive players (yay), sturdy defensive (boo), or a combination of the two (meh).

We do try our best to isolate some multicat options in the Fantasy Prospect Guide (coming soon), but I'll give you a couple more here as well. (While you’re at it, just start cruising the DobberProspects’ 2020 Draft Section. It’s full of goodies