Ramblings: Top Frozen Tools Searches – Roy, Cirelli, Hertl, Couture (May 16)

Ian Gooding


The Top 100 Roto Rankings for May are now here! Have a look, and use it as a reference if you play in a multicategory league.

Don't be shy about leaving feedback as well. You may notice something about player valuation that I don't, so I do take any comments into consideration as I rank for the following month. I may also discuss ranking decisions in a future Ramblings in an attempt to show my work, as your math teacher told you to do. It's all about making these rankings better.


On Friday, Ales Hemsky announced his retirement. I didn't know he was technically still active, as he had last played in 2017-18. According to The Athletic via Oilers Nation, Hemsky had hoped to resume his career in Europe after recovering from a concussion.


For the past couple weeks, I've posted the top 10 Frozen Tools searches for the past week while trying to explain why these players may be frequently searched. This week will be no different, with several new players for me to try to figure out. If there are reasons that I've missed as to why these players could be popular searches, feel free to let me know below. Let's try to share our knowledge.