Ramblings: Playoff format and reviewing predictions

Michael Clifford


The new Dobber Hockey has launched! Our development team has been working at this for months and the day finally came yesterday as we were able to launch in full. We had a re-design months ago, but now this battle station is fully operation.

Again, kudos to our dev team as they're the ones that made this all happen. There may not be much to talk about hockey-wise right now, but there will be again, and we'll be here ready to serve our fantasy hockey readers.


I've been thinking about the 24-team format that is being proposed for the 2019-20 season's playoffs. It's a real bad idea. Let's get into it.

For the record, my submission is a 20-team format. We don't need to worry about conferences or divisions if teams are going to be in a hub city. We have the top-12 teams (by points percentage) take a bye, and then 13v20, 14v19, 15v18, and 16v17 in best-of-threes to get down to 16 teams, and a normal playoff bracket. It gives the playoff bubble teams a chance while not expanding so far as to include 80 percent of the league in the postseason.

It's pretty obvious it's a money grab. The owners are upset they're taking a loss so they want to include more teams (some of whom are among the biggest markets in the league) and more games. Of course, if we add four teams, we're adding hundreds of points of potential contamination. There is this little virus going around right now that I hear is kind of bad. It's about money, not safety. Let's just all get on the same page here.

One area that works in favour of a 24-team, round robin format is giving everyone the same opportunity to play. These NHLers are going to be returning after months off and no exhibition season. If we were to do some sort of play-in, it would give the worse teams some games to knock the rust off. We know teams with time off are at a disadvantage, so whichever team gets through the play-ins would be much more likely t