Ramblings: Crawford a Play-in Threat? Larkin Still Top 100? (May 24)

Ian Gooding


On the new website, you may have noticed that the Dobber 2020 Playoff Draft List is now available. Go ahead and preorder yours. It will be available for download once playoff dates are announced. So if Dobber has the Playoff Draft List for sale, the playoffs must be a go. Right?

We still don't know when those playoff dates will be, and it could be a while before we know. As well, I don't know whether playoff brackets will include the "play-in tournament" with 24 teams, or just the 16 teams that will be technically be in the playoffs. (I'm guessing there will be room for the play-in tourney, because it would be more fun that way.) Getting into semantics here, we're not supposed to call it a 24-team playoff, just a play-in tournament before the actual 16-team playoffs start?

Also, what happened to the idea of a five-game round-robin tournament to determine seeding? If that doesn't happen, will teams just hit the ground running with a meaningful game immediately? Or even a pretournament game or two? Sounds like there are a whole lot more details to be worked out.

LeBrun clarified in a reply to this tweet that the play-in round is a best-of-5. Between the possibility for shortened series and teams getting back into action after a long layoff, there's the real potential for teams below the playoff bar at the time of the pause to win not one, but two series. Before you call a system like this unfair to higher-seeded teams, remember what happened to higher-seeded teams in the first round of last season's playoffs.</