Ramblings – How the NHL’s ‘No New Contracts That Include 2019-20’ Rule Gives Some Teams an Edge (June 1)



Announcement: The Fantasy Prospects Report (13th Edition) will be released on Friday June 12. I have decided to go ahead and release this on that date because I didn't want to delay the announcement any longer. If the Draft is on June 26 then you will be able to use this with plenty of time to prep. If the Draft is in October after the 24-team playoffs that is forthcoming, then instead of posting an update on June 19 with a Mock Draft, I will post this update in October. Basically whenever the draft order is set, then we will update the Fantasy Prospects Report. I will have the Packs and this Guide up for pre-sale in a few days.

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As you know, the NHL has officially ended the season and announced plans for playoff hockey involving 24 teams. Ian wrote up an article digging into how commissioners should handle things in fantasy leagues.


There will be a new twist on playoff drafts this year. And I don't just mean due to the format (although I should touch on that, and will further down). I am referring to the player options.

In a given year, NHL teams will sign their college players or their European players after their particular season ends and those players join the team for the very end of the campaign and into the playoffs. Alexander Radulov did that with Nashville once, jumping on board for their playoff run in 2011-12. Chris Kreider played meaningful playoff games for the Rangers in 2012 after finishing up with Boston College, despite not playing a sing