Ramblings: Aliu and Kane form HDA; Dobber Prospects Guide; Kyle Connor; Jared McCann; Tyler Ennis – June 9

Michael Clifford


It's officially the week for our release of the 2020 Dobber Hockey Prospects Guide! Circumstances had forced Dobber to move back the release date a little bit but the extra couple weeks' wait is more than worth it. Be sure to head to the Dobber Shop and pre-order your copy so that you're all set when June 12th rolls around.


Akim Aliu and Evander Kane have co-founded the Hockey Diversity Alliance, an organization with the aim at eradicating racism from hockey. I'll let Aliu's statement explain:


I cannot commend them enough for taking the first steps necessary to eliminating prejudice that permeates all levels of hockey, but it's sad it has had to come to this. We should all be taking a long look in the mirror, asking ourselves what we did (or did not do) to allow racism to continue nearly unabated in our game.

Moving forward, we need to take responsibility for not only our words and actions, but of those around us. We can't just bury our head and assume the problem will resolve of its own volition. It doesn't mean smash every person in the face, but at the least take them aside and explain why something said/done was not appropriate and will not be tolerated. It's the least we can do for kids learning to love this sport.


Our team over at Dobber Prospects continues churning out the excellent analysis for the upcoming draft and beyond. This piece from Jokke Nevalainen explaining who performed well at drafting and who did not last decade. It's been a continuing series from Jokke as he looks at different areas of drafting – position on the ice, position in the draft