Ramblings: Lightning Players, Matthews Test Positive for COVID-19; Popular Searches Gurianov, Gustafsson (June 20)

Ian Gooding


Friday's news of the Tampa Bay Lightning temporarily closing their training facilities due to COVID-19 should serve as a reminder that there is no guarantee that the NHL will return to play this summer. This news doesn't mean that the NHL should shut everything down immediately, considering that this is only Phase 2 of the return-to-play plan. However, there are definite concerns if someone brings COVID-19 into the bubble before it is sealed during Phases 3 or 4, or if that bubble isn't tight enough.

The fact that the team shutdowns (Tampa Bay Lightning, Philadelphia Phillies, Toronto Blue Jays) have all occurred in the state of Florida should be no coincidence. The decision makers in that state have been far too lenient in the handling and reporting of the pandemic. Maybe it's a good thing that the NHL's restart plan isn't occurring in Florida, although Nevada's recent numbers after the casino reopenings haven't been promising, assuming Vegas is announced as a hub city.

And as if we didn't need another reality check, Auston Matthews has also reportedly tested positive for COVID-19, according to Steve Simmons. Numerous other NHL players have tested positive, although Matthews is the first name that has been mentioned. Matthews had been rooming with Frederik Andersen in Arizona, although Andersen did not test positive and is no longer in Arizona. 

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