Ramblings – Ovechkin’s KHL Odds, Shesterkin vs. Grubauer, Lafreniere’s best landing spots and more (June 29)



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We had the draft lottery and it was pretty shocking. I know that "odds" are just that – odds. So Detroit wasn't guaranteed first. And Ottawa having two high picks was also no guarantee. That's the whole point of a lottery, right? But my heart broke for Detroit fans, watching them sink to fourth. And then seeing a non-Bottom-8 team win the Lafreniere sweepstakes? Oof.

Regarding what would happen if the playoffs do not take place. I understand the argument from the top teams: "what did we play for? We didn't get a President's Trophy, we didn't get playoff revenue, or any reward at all whatsoever for playing the regular season. So everyone should get a shot at the lottery pick, including us." I understand it. But I don't agree with it. My take is that the draft is not about rewarding or punishing teams for finishing first or last. It's about balance, parity and fairness. The worst teams should get to choose the best players each year. That helps the cycle of a sports team's success. Teams need to succeed, teams need to fail, and this arrangement needs to rotate on a regular basis through the years. Too much of one and you get resentment from the rest of the fans, and the championship loses its luster. Too much of the other, and you get resentment from your own fans. With what I’ve coined this ‘cycle of success’, the glory of a championship is preserved. So absolutely not – no way a team like Boston, Tampa, or St. Louis should get a crack at Lafreniere.


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