Ramblings: NHL RTP; play-ins; prior free agent signings – July 1

Michael Clifford


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Yesterday's Ramblings finished up my preview of each play-in series. Contained in those Ramblings is the link to each series. It might be a good idea to bookmark just in case you need a refresher again. We're all assuming the NHL starts by the end of the month but as we've seen these last dozen weeks or so, there's not much point in holding on to your plans.


Eric Engels from Sportsnet talked with a lot of NHL players and it seemed like players are not really excited about returning to play during a pandemic, though it is expected they'll still vote to return.


In a normal year, this would be one of Dobber Hockey's busiest days of the season. Today being Canada Day, it's also usually free agency day. In my previous five Free Agent Frenzy periods, it's been more or less the same: editors on standby/working all day, dozens of article written, thousands of readers on the pages, and then when things die down after supper, the beer flows like a keg without a stopper. Things aren't going to exactly play out like that.

I'll admit a couple things here. For one, it's nice to have a full Canada Day off (or most of it anyway) for the first time in years. Now, it's at a time when I won't really be able to do anything anyway, but I guess just being able to sit out on my deck (fingers crossed for nice weather) with a boozy marg in the early afternoon is one of those little life delights I'm looking forward to.

At the same time, I do miss the typical hustle of today. This has, quite obviously, been a very slow four months for NHL and hockey in general. I was getting nostalgic for NHL DFS a couple days ago when I was deleting alarms out of my phone, and found one labeled "RANGERS GOALIE," set for 9:40 PM. That was from their last game of the season, in Colorado, hence the late time. Th