Frozen Tools Forensics: Top Prospect Watch

Chris Kane


Given that it sounds like the NHL is thinking about delaying the playoff plan, and potentially shortening preseason it gives us a bit more time to dive into some numbers from 2019-20. Prospects certainly aren't my area of expertise (go to Dobber Prospects for that), but there are some really interesting options in Frozen Tools that help us take a look at what is happening in the league.

As indicated Frozen Tools has a helpful report here and it is, as usual, titled in a way that describes exactly what it is. The Top 200 F Prospects report pulls 200 forward prospects but has some really interesting features. If we run that report, and export for some editing (to help make it fit) we get to see the top-ranked prospects who have some NHL experience under their belt. This is great because while I don't know much about translating prospect performance, I can take a look at how they have performed in the NHL to date.

Top 200 RankNamePosTeamGPGAPTSPPPSOGHitsBlocksTOIPPTOIUpsideCertainty
2JORDAN KYROUCSTL284591398810:540:207.58.5
3MARTIN NECASCCAR64162036988651914:101:488.59.9
4BARRETT HAYTONCARI2013402714311:090:188.59.5
5KIRBY DACHCCHI64815233101332314:161:348.510