Ramblings: New CBA; odds; play-in schedule; line combinations – July 9

Michael Clifford


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It came out late Tuesday night that the new NHL CBA has now been passed on to the players. It will be a full NHLPA membership vote on the CBA and requires a majority to pass. It sure seems like we'll get some labour peace for the next several seasons, which is always nice. I'd like to thank the NHL Board of Governors for not cancelling an entire season because they're greedy a*$#(^@& for the second time, nor cancelling half a season for the second time. I'd like to thank both sides for (likely) coming to terms on this so quickly. It's nice to see people getting along.


I'm not a sports bettor. I do play fantasy and DFS, but actual sports betting is something I've generally eschewed. Not sure why, honestly. I just haven't gotten into it.

All the same, as of yesterday afternoon on Pinnacle, both the Leafs and Penguins had better Cup odds than Dallas. Those first two teams are playing the play-ins, Dallas is not. Dom Luszczyszyn of The Athletic published his Cup odds several weeks ago. Bettor beware.


It seems like the NHL, at least for the play-ins, is going to look for three games a day at each site. If you're in the East, that would basically mean hockey games starting at noon (or maybe 1 PM) every day, and then a game starting every two hours until 10-11 at night. Or, put another way, 12+ hours of playoff hockey every day.

If a game starts at 12 PM and another a 4 PM, what do they do about overtime? There could easily be a triple overtime game somewhere. Does that mean one game gets pushed to like midnight local time? Also, if a game starts at 12 PM and goes to 3 PM, can they sanitize the hallways/rink/benches in 30 minutes? There are still questions that need answering, and, really, time is running out. Teams report to their hubs in abo