Ramblings: Cap leagues; playoff draft strategy; line combinations – July 8

Michael Clifford


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the 2020 Dobber Hockey Prospects Report is now available in our Dobber Shop! It has detailed profiles on players that will be getting drafted sometime this year, as well as in-depth looks at each team's prospect pipeline. It truly is a cornucopia of prospect goodness, and it doesn't just look at this year's crop, or this year's projections. It has everything that readers need to get the leg up on their league mates, so don't delay and grab your copy now!


I wanted to re-up this article by our Alex MacLean one more time. It covers expected future contract values based on draft slotting, which could be very useful information for those taking part in cap leagues. Alex put a lot of work into it and the end product shows. Please give it a read, even if you're not in a cap league. You may be next year!


Ian's Ramblings over the weekend really got me thinking on playoff draft strategy. We've often talked these last few months about the difference between drafting a team that has a bye and a team that has to play their way in. One side may get an extra five games to rack the points, but it's also much harder to win five series in a row than it is to win four. That balance needs to be struck.

I did notice that mostly guys from the teams with byes went in the first round of his draft. In fact, only seven of the first 20 picks were from play-in teams, and they're the guys you'd expect (McDavid, Draisaitl, Crosby etc.).

One thing I will say: even lopsided playoffs matchups are 3/1 odds. The absolute worst playoff teams still win a quarter of the time. Just remember that when blindly imagining Pittsburgh routing Montreal 3-0 or Edmonton steamrolling Chicago. (I'm still not sure what the optimal strategy is, but one thing I would for sure avoid, if possible, is