Ramblings: Skimming the proposed CBA; Ty Smith; Kaapo Kahkonen – July 10

Michael Clifford


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We had a lot of news drop late Wednesday and into Thursday as it pertains to the new CBA. It was reported that it has been passed to the players for an NHLPA member vote, and the CBA would be accepted by the if a simple majority votes as such.

Beyond that, there are a lot of interesting little nuggets and I want to discuss them one by one. Some have a fantasy impact while others are more to hockey in general. I lifted them from Bob McKenzie's Twitter feed.


The new CBA will run through 2025-26 assuming it's properly voted on and ratified by all parties concerned. That means we could get labour peace from 2013-2026, the longest stretch of labour peace in the NHL in my living memory.

Eventually, I want the story on why this came together so quickly. There had been a lot of sticking points over the last couple years (we'll get to one of them later), and then a global pandemic that brought the league to a screeching halt hit us. So then… they agree to a new CBA less than four months later? I don't want to say there was panic, but it does seem there was a sense of urgency to get this done. Was the pandemic just a post hoc or was it the legitimate reason why this moved along so quickly? A question I'd like to see answered by someone, anyone, in a position of authority.


The NHL play-in will count as far as points are concerned for playoff point tallies. In other words, if a team from the play-ins does get to the Cup Final, they will probably have played more games than their opponent. That helps clarifies things on our end as far as playoff pools are concerned. Start getting your strategies ready.

As a side note on this: there's a part of me that believes the NHL is doing this so they can reasonably sell the idea of the play-ins being actual "playoffs" rather than being, you know, play-ins. Technically, we're going to have to call it all the playoffs, but personally, I still won't consider any team that doesn't get to the Conference quarter-finals a playoff team. Maybe I'm just being stubborn, but que sera sera.


The cap will remain flat next year and our own Alex MacLean wrote about what this means for your teams and your leagues in his 'Capped' column yesterday. He's much better with this stuff than me, so I would go read his analysis.

This is going to make for a wild offseason, whenever that happens. For example: