Ramblings: Pietrangelo to UFA? Answering Roto Rankings Questions About Plus/Minus, Toews (Sept 19)

Ian Gooding


According to Darren Dreger, contract talks between the St. Louis Blues and Alex Pietrangelo have broken off to the point that the Blues have told their star defenseman to pursue free agency.

I had assumed that the Blues had viewed Pietrangelo as a true foundational piece, so I'm surprised that it's gotten to this point. The Blues were probably confident that they could re-sign Pietrangelo when they traded for and signed Justin Faulk to his seven-year, $6.5 million AAV extension that kicks in next season. However, don't forget about Brayden Schenn's eight-year, $6.5 million AAV extension also possibly getting in the way. The Blues aren't helping their chances by not being completely transparent about their offer, either.