The Journey: Prospects Turning (North American) Pro – Europe

Dave Hall


Thanks for joining me for another installment of The Journey. As usual, I’d like to start the week off by delivering some exciting news on the prospect front. 

Since the pandemic began, we have had a multitude of sporting events canceled, especially those on the international stage. Although many IIHF events continue to remain postponed, this year’s World Junior Championship is set to run as scheduled during the usual holiday season (hooray). There is a small twist, and unfortunately, that twist comes at the expense of the Swedish fans. Despite the tournament originally scheduled to be held in Sweden, It will now be run in Edmonton, inside the same bubble that was put in for the 2020 Stanley Cup.

Much like this year’s playoffs, it will be very unfortunate not to have the passion of the crowd involved, which of course is always electric. I can speak to this personally, as I had a great opportunity to multiple game action in Victoria/Vancouver just two years ago, including the gold medal game. The atmosphere was on a different level. Yet, the fact that this incredibly sought-after the event can continue to run is simply fantastic news. What’s more, given the uncertainty surrounding the NHL/AHL start dates, we have the potential to see a full list of top-end talent. 


I’d like to continue my quest around the top leagues, delivering some key names from each region who are slated to make their professional debuts, or in this case, North American debuts. If you missed them please check the previous lists:

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This week, I head to Europe. I will admit, there were not as many high-profiled signings from this region as in the past, and many of the top-end prospects in the region will continue to play at least one more season overseas. However, there is a very skilled crop brewing over the next few seasons that should be making their way and should be making big splashes in your fantasy leagues.

Pius Suter (NLA), F- Chicag