Frozen Tools Forensics: Analyzing the teams in the Stanley Cup Final

Chris Kane


Game three of the final wrapped up on Wednesday night with game four set to come out Friday (9/25). Both Tampa and Dallas have come to the finals with different strategies and different successes. In this week's column it is time to take a look at the runs to the finals for both teams and take a look at how the team's have performed compared to their regular seasons.


Frozen Tools Forensics: 2020 Stanley Cup Final

Quick PSA before we dig in. If you live in the US, Tuesday was National Voter Registration Day. You may not have heard, but there is a relatively contentious election scheduled to take place in November. (That was sarcasm. Everyone has heard.). Do yourself a favor and register to vote. If you are registered go ahead and check, just to make sure. If you have checked, go ahead and make a voting plan for exactly how you are going to vote in November (or earlier- early voting has already started). Democracy will thank you. And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

To make our playoff and regular season comparisons we are going to take a look at the Team Stats page from Frozen Tools (located under the stats tab). Like with the player reports it has the option to select the timeframe so we can draw both the regular season and the playoff stats for the league.

Below is an amended version of the report drawn from that page. I added a number of columns to make the stats appear on a per game level so that we can compare in-season numbers to playoff numbers, and then removed a number of columns to make it fit on the page here.